1931 S Penny?

Last week I noticed a 1931 penny in my change.  I’m not a serious collector (more like a coin hoarder), but it caught my eye because surprisingly it looked to be in pretty good shape for such an old coin.

When I mentioned it to Larry*, he asked if it was an “S” mint version.  I had not actually noticed, so I went home and checked and then looked online for the significance of the “S”.

It turns out that the “S” version has a pretty good value if it’s real and in good shape, of course.

According to this page: http://www.valuable-coin-stories.com/1931-S.html it’s a commonly faked coin.  I’m curious to know if anyone can tell by looking at the enlargement below.  The “S” looks odd to me, so I’m guessing it has been added on somehow.  Either way, it’s interesting to me.  I’m amazed that anyone would go to the trouble of faking a coin to make a few dollars!  Surely there are other things to do that pay off better!

Note on the photos:  The white areas on parts of the coin are due reflection and overexposure of those areas due to the use of a flash.  The coin really does look like a real copper penny.

* Larry is an expert collector of all things worth collecting (and then some).


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