Hybrid Vehicle Done Right — The Chevy Volt

November was a busy month for us from the Electric Vehicle standpoint.  In addition to being invited to the unveiling of the Nissan Leaf, we were among a small number of EV1 drivers invited to test-drive the Chevy Volt on Dec. 1!  Check out our review of the Volt here:


Bottom line?  We like it!

Stay tuned for more… 12/6 update – 3 more pages of detailed comments at the link above.


2 comments so far

  1. Stephanie Moore-Fuller on

    Nice article; thanks! I agree with you that the “series hybrid” vehicles have a lot of advantages over the “parallel hybrid” vehicles such as the Prius. My favorite thing about them is that you can use them as an everyday vehicle with a 40 mile range all the time, and then only gas up when you need to go on a longer trip.

  2. CDAVIS on

    Great review of the Chevy Volt…thanks.

    Here is a blog site that has a bunch of Chevy Volt info:

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