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Hybrid Vehicle Done Right — The Chevy Volt

November was a busy month for us from the Electric Vehicle standpoint.  In addition to being invited to the unveiling of the Nissan Leaf, we were among a small number of EV1 drivers invited to test-drive the Chevy Volt on Dec. 1!  Check out our review of the Volt here:

Bottom line?  We like it!

Stay tuned for more… 12/6 update – 3 more pages of detailed comments at the link above.


Some EV Updates

Mini E Range Graph

I’ve updated our Mini E driving log:

The bottom line is that we are getting a projected total range of around 100 miles, but with sometimes large variances which can’t really be explained by our driving faster or slower than normal.

Also, below are some photos from the recent unveiling of the Nissan Leaf, and a private look at the Tesla Roadster.